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Discount Seed Beads

Discount Seed Beads – A Necessary bead for all your Beading Projects

Discount Seed Beads

Courtesy of Beads by BerylMay

Seed Beads, especially discount seed beads are a necessary addition to complete any beading project. Do you have some ready to use? You can create some lovely pieces of jewellery by just using seed beads, as shown here(White Seed Beads in Photo). So it’s imperitive to look for cheap seed beads, to expand your projects.

They have been around for a long time, these seed beads. For instance, in Japan, seed bead works were found in a temple which was dated as being 1300 years old, which is during the eighth century of our common era.

Discount Seed beads

Courtesy of Sting/Wiki

It is thought that the production of seed beads on a big scale started at the hands of folk located in the Indo-Pacific area of the earth like from India and other places as shown in the dark blue regions shown here. These people dominated bead trading for almost 2,000 years. However, it is often said that the modern era of bead making as we know it, only goes back some 500-600 years , when the artisans of Venice started to produce them.

Seed beads are manufactured out of a variety of base substances other than glass, although today most of the popular seed beads are constructed of glass. But, out of interest, over past years, seed beads have been made out of tile, metal, and porcelain.

Types of Cheap Seed Beads

 “Bugles” have sharp edges and are created from colored glass.
 Aurora Borealis seed beads, where the beads are coated with a metallic film to achieve the desired result.
 Delica beads by a Japanese beadmaker named Miyuki.
 Cylinder and Charlotte cut seed beads

Colors Available for your Discount Seed Beads

Here is what “” had to say about colors for cheap seed beads, and they have brought to our attention what is available: -

“There are so many colors (not to mention finishes, sizes, and cuts) of seed and cylinder beads to choose from that the idea of planning out your own designs can be overwhelming. It’s easiest to create pleasing color schemes when you have lots of possibilities spread out in front of you; but, of course, buying a sample of every bead color under the sun is more than most of us want to take on. A better approach is to use a bead manufacturer’s sample card.
Sample cards are physical cards with short strands of beads sewn-on in rows and columns. Manufacturers usually produce at last one sample card for each category of their beads. You can purchase sample cards from some bead suppliers or examine them for free online.
Miyuki offers free viewing of their sample cards here. Just click on the category you’re interested in, and use your cursor to drag the card around in the viewer”.

Discount Seed Beads

Miyuki's free sample card viewer

Know the Sizes of Your Cheap Cheap Beads

There are lots of different sizes of seed beads. Have you got a good imagination? Imagine, if you will, having the following size seed beads in front of you in different piles. Starting at size 1/0, size 2/0, size 3/0 etc, all the way up to size 18/0, then, 3 more piles, size 20/0, 22/0 and 24/0. So, all up, you have 21 groups of different size seed beads in front of you.
What do you notice?

As the size number gets larger, the beads are actually smaller. For instance, Size 1/0 is the biggest of the beads in front of you, while size 24/0 is the smallest. That is an important thing to remember when you go shopping for discount seed beads, that the sizes are counter intuitive, in that, if you’re looking to buy a larger seed bead, the smaller the size number, and, of course if you’re looking to buy a tiny seed bead, then the size number would be larger. ( Size 1/0 = big and size 24/0=small)

Popular sizes

Some of the popular sizes used in beading are from as small as size 15/0, which are like little grains of sand, sizes 13/0, 11/0, 10/0, 8/0, right up to a larger size 6/0. But this by no means, is saying you can’t buy and use the other sizes available in between

Explanation of what size structure (24/0) means

By the way, if you wish to get quite technical about the number sizes, and want to impress someone, as to how much you know, LOL, what you can do is say the size numbers using the proper phraseology. For instance, instead of say – can I have these size 13 seed beads, you could say – Can I have these “13 /aughts please. (Pronounced Orts) This encompasses the small round thing that follows each size. What if someone asks you – What does that “Aught”, mean? You can then explain, that, just say, you have a 24/0 seed bead, It means about 24 of these seed beads when assembled together measures one inch or 25mm. So, there you go. Impress away.

Discount Seed beads are used in a lot of different ways.

They are beautiful just strung together into simple necklaces. They make great spacers between other beads as well. As an example, if you are stringing larger beads, and it won’t lay nicely, if you put a seed bead between the larger beads, problem solved completely. They are also used a lot in bead weaving and bead stitching.

There are actually two different types of seed beads that are commonly available.

They are the Japanese and the Czech seed beads. The difference between the two are the country of origin of course, and the shapes. The Japanese seed beads are cylindrical, with straight sides, so that they lay nicely when you’re doing a weaving project. The Czech seed beads are more rounded, so they don’t lay together as nicely, therefore the Czech beads work together more better in weaving projects that are more open.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away, didn’t I. What you really want to know is, where you can get some discount seed beads.

There are a few places. But be aware that you might have to fork out a little bit of money, or buy seed beads in bulk to achieve cheap seed beads.

For instance, on line, you’ll find that – if you buy $200+ worth of seed beads, they will give you their best price, whatever that is.

Or, for discount seed beads to buy, if you are able to set up with the on-line distributor a wholesale account, you can get your beads much cheaper.

Another on-liner says that for single orders over $200 US, they will give you a discount of $30, plus give you a coupon worth $20.

Check local stores for seed bead sale as well

So, just some ways that you can buy discount seed beads. You won’t regret working with these extraordinary beads.

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